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Tips for Hiring to Address the Staffing Issues in Healthcare Organizations

Christina Lawless
Author: Christina Lawless
Date: February 9, 2023
Tags: Healthcare Staffing, Staffing, Tips

Many healthcare organizations are bracing for staffing challenges on the horizon. Staffing issues in healthcare not only affect overworked healthcare professionals but, perhaps more importantly, the need for more qualified personnel in some spaces drastically impacts the level of care for patients. For many providers, the most pressing issue is how to fix staffing shortages in healthcare. However, with a few insider tips, healthcare organizations can find the talent they need to continue to provide the best care possible for their patients.

Tips to Solve Staffing Issues in Healthcare

Be Clear About the Role

One of the most common mistakes healthcare organizations make when looking for a new hire is misrepresenting what the position entails. It is best to explain the role in a typical “day in the life” profile and include pertinent information such as salary and benefits. For example, a hospital in need of registered nurses (RNs) should be clear about the shifts available, as well as specific responsibilities of the role, such as monitoring patients’ vital signs, assisting with physical exams, administering medication, and advising patients on their diagnoses and lab results. Additionally, healthcare professionals are always curious about how much time they would potentially spend on support work, such as cleaning or stocking medical supplies, instead of caring for patients, so this information should be included in job descriptions as well.

Streamline Your Interview Procedures

A tip that can be useful before beginning the hiring process is to review and update your interview procedures. The first step is to identify the organization’s needs and adjust the interview process to fit those needs. For example, the interview questions should be focused on the specific position so that healthcare organizations can be sure that an applicant is right for the job.

Hire from Within

In some cases, healthcare providers have qualified personnel for advancement right in front of them, but in the rush to fill a vacant position, these candidates might be overlooked. Before expanding a search for candidates outside of a healthcare organization, it is best first to look in-house and determine if there are professionals already on the staff that are ready for career advancement.

Retain Top Talent

One of the most overlooked tips to avoid staffing issues is keeping the best employees on staff. Healthcare organizations can retain their best professionals by providing ongoing professional development, having flexible working options, and ensuring opportunities for one-on-one meetings with leadership. Also, keeping healthcare professionals that are already familiar with the organization cuts down on the time it takes to onboard new employees.

Utilize Innovative Technology

Technological solutions are driving factors in efficiently hiring healthcare professionals. For example, healthcare workers should have easy access to job listings online that are up-to-date. Healthcare organizations benefit from this kind of technology as well because they are quickly able to hire professionals that are already credentialed. Also, staffing agencies utilize this kind of technology to ease the burden of organizations that struggle to fill shifts.

Partner with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Perhaps the most effective tip to ensure a full staff is for an organization to partner with a staffing agency. In addition to avoiding the time and effort needed to find the right person to hire, there are many advantages of working with a healthcare staffing agency, such as:

Also, partnering with a staffing agency helps healthcare professionals to have the flexibility of various shifts at a range of organizations, including per diem work.  Per diem work allows healthcare workers to have more freedom in scheduling, expand their skills, and gain experience in a variety of specialties.

Overcome Staffing Issues in Healthcare with Amergis as Your Partner

For over thirty years, when healthcare organizations have needed the best candidates to fill job vacancies, they have relied on Amergis Staffing. Our Amergis team has brick-and-mortar offices in 32 states across the country, so we are nationwide, yet right around the corner. We’ve built our reputation on the positive partnerships we’ve had with healthcare organizations, and our cutting-edge technology solutions, such as MaxView™ and Timeclock, demonstrate that we are poised to remain a leader in healthcare staffing nationwide.

Connect with Amergis Staffing to find the best healthcare professionals who are available and ready to get to work. 

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