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Our CEO is Bill Butz. He became the CEO in 2016. See all leadership here.

Yes! We are a community of healthcare professionals, clients, and all Amergis employees that represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures. We recognize, respect, and celebrate these differences not as points of division, but rather as guideposts for improving the lives of others. We recognize that this mutual trust and respect is paramount to the realization of our full business and human potential. We shall be steadfast in our promotion of diversity throughout our organization, understanding that our level of excellence and success is directly tied to our ability to acknowledge and understand diversity of culture and thought. Diversity and inclusion shall be woven into the fabric of our overall company culture so that we may attract and retain effective and diverse talent to successfully deliver services that are at the core of our company’s mission.

We use the Work Number to provide automated employment and income verification for our employees. Please see the Work Number instructions below. If you need written verifications or have another question, please call our verifications team at 1-855-811-2047 or email them at

Work Number instructions:

Option 1:
Use a credit card or become a member to get instant Web verifications.

Option 2:  1-800-367-5690
Use a credit card or become a member to get a voice or faxed verification in minutes.

To Obtain Proof of Employment Only

Contact The Work Number by using one of the above options and then follow the prompted instructions.

You will need the following information:
Amergis Employer Code:  11858
Employee’s Social Security Number provided by the employee.

Special Instructions for Social Service Agencies
Registered Users

Get verifications at or 1-800-660-3399.
Enter your registered fax number, if applicable, or other identifying codes.
Your verification will be faxed directly to this pre-registered fax number.

New Users
Please call 1-800-996-7566 to register to use The Work Number. Registration is a one-time process and takes approximately 48 hours.

View your pay stubs and W2 right on ADP. For assistance with logging in and using ADP, please contact the support team at at (855)-817-5651 or

If you need help with:

-compliance training
-new hire documents
-direct deposit
-benefits questions

Our recruiters are there for you! If you don’t have your recruiter’s information on hand, just reach out to your local office and ask for them! You can find your local office’s phone number here.

You can use ADP to update your address. For assistance with ADP, please contact the support team at at (855)-817-5651 or

You can view all of our current openings here.

Referral bonus programs may be available in your area, but they vary in availability and terms for each local office. To find your nearest office to inquire about referral bonuses, click here.

From nursing to allied and education, we have a wide variety of travel contracts open across the nation. You can view all travel openings here.

Amergis has received multiple reports from individuals who were approached through email, text messaging, and RingCentral by individuals/fraudsters, representing themselves as executives and recruiters for Amergis.

Please note that Amergis recruiters will always use their company email when communicating with candidates ( Inquiries showing email addresses other than our domain (, and are not valid communications from Amergis.

To verify the legitimacy of any job openings, please refer to our job postings at You can also report suspicious job offers, job postings, or verify recruiter information by contacting

If you believe you have been the victim of a cyber crime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation advises that you report your incident to Internet Crime Complaint Center (