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Clinical Excellence

Staffing powered by clinicians

Access to informed data-driven workforce solutions

Proactive approach to challenges

Tailored solutions based on specialized knowledge

Confidence in staff qualifications

Quality focused staffing

Understanding of market competitiveness

Risk mitigation

Stay current on clinical best practices

Expand your skill set

Prepare for certifications

Gain insights into market dynamics and needs

Prepare for emerging technologies

Navigate professional development

Network with colleagues

Clinical offerings

Our clinical team has carefully crafted courses to help you successfully navigate your role.
Check out what we have available below to see which best fits you and your needs.

School nurse virtual orientation

Setting school nurses up for success

Crisis prevention training

Created by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

This course prepares our Behavior Technicians to respond to common behavioral crisis situations that they will encounter in the school setting. We cover responding to crisis behaviors, implementing verbal and hands-off de-escalation strategies, and effectively managing post crisis interventions and evaluations.

Behavioral health technician training

Review school behavior analysis strategies

We use ABA principles to provide a comprehensive review of behavior analysis strategies that healthcare professionals can use in the school setting. The training covers roles and responsibilities of a behavioral professional in the school environment, how to maintain professionalism, how to provide trauma informed care, and verbal de-escalation strategies.

Correctional health technician training

Provide care wherever you are

Our corrections-specific training helps healthcare professionals navigate the unique challenges of providing care within diverse correctional settings, such as federal prisons, local jails, and juvenile facilities. Participants learn the differences of various correctional settings, how characteristics of the inmate-patient population impact healthcare delivery, and the common physical and mental health disorders that professionals will encounter.

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