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When you need more than just an agency

Our integrated workforce technology solutions enhance your staffing capabilities by streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and providing valuable data insights.

MaxView and MaxView Jobs: A powerful partnership

A bundled solution that keeps both our job seekers and clients in mind.

MaxView, available at no extra cost to our clients, conveniently connects to our candidate mobile app MaxView Jobs. This means when you post a job on the platform, ready-to-work candidates will immediately see it and apply. You can also easily track spend and candidate statuses, simplifying the healthcare recruiting process. Our goal is to work smarter, not harder!

Our MSP Partner, Sunburst

We offer comprehensive managed service provider (MSP) solutions through our partner Sunburst Workforce Advisors.

Stop stressing which staffing vendor is the best fit for your needs. Our managed service provider partner, Sunburst, is here to find you vendor-strategic solutions tailored to your budgeting goals and workforce planning.

Solutions you can trust

We design our workforce management solutions with your needs in mind. Explore how our offerings can help transform your approach to staffing.

Improved fill rates
Rapidly identify and onboard qualified candidates with our intuitive platforms.

Enhanced efficiency
Streamline scheduling, time tracking, and administrative tasks, freeing up valuable staff time.

Data-driven insights
Gain actionable workforce management analytics to optimize staffing strategies.

Cost savings 
Achieve greater cost-effectiveness with optimized scheduling and streamlined agency oversight.

Elevated candidate experience
Attract and retain top talent with an easy-to-use mobile app and streamlined onboarding.

Ready to simplify your workforce staffing?

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