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Diversity and Inclusion

Mission statement

We are a community of healthcare professionals, clients, and employees that represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures. We recognize, respect, and celebrate these differences not as points of division, but rather as guideposts for improving the lives of others.

Diversity and inclusion shall be woven into the fabric of our overall company culture so that we may attract and retain effective and diverse talent to successfully deliver services that are at the core of our company’s mission.

A variety of people highlighting diversity and inclusion at Amergis.

Employee affinity groups

Our Employee Affinity Groups (EAGs) are voluntary, employee-led teams who share a common identity or interest. They provide a safe space for team members to connect with others and share their experience. EAGs advocate for the needs of their members and work to create a more equitable, supportive workplace.


The Multicultural EAG celebrates the wide variety of cultural backgrounds within our team.

Their mission is to foster an atmosphere of diversity, inclusiveness, and self-awareness ensuring that our team members of all cultures feel valued.


The Pride EAG provides support to our LGBTQIA+ employees to ensure they feel welcome and included.

They provide information, resources, and support to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone can safely be themselves.

Women in leadership

The Women in Leadership EAG empowers and provides support to all of Amergis’s women.

The group works to increase the company’s gender diversity by attracting, developing, and retaining women of all backgrounds.

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Our accomplishments

We work hard to foster an environment of diversity that is inclusive for all at Amergis. Since its inception, the D&I board has created a community that aims to create safe spaces that improve our culture, eliminate unconscious bias, and foster transparency. Let’s take a look at our efforts.

  • A successful hybrid return to work program for those returning from a leave of absence
  • Unconscious Bias, Black History Month, and Pride and Power training for all employees
  • Our Voices monthly newsletter
  • A guide for how to be a LGBTQIA+ ally
  • A mentorship program focused on improving transparency into the career growth process
  • Standardized application and interview processes to aid in eliminating bias
  • Military Spouse Employment (MSEP) and Direct Employer Partners
  • New parent resources for internal team members:
    • Leave FAQ and Roadmap
    • Parental Leave Checklist
    • First Year Newborn Doctor Appointments Guide
    • Private wellness rooms for pumping

In partnership with the Maxim Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, and our Social Justice Committee, we offer The Future of Healthcare Scholarship. This scholarship is open to high school graduates, current college students, or non-traditional students pursuing an education in a clinical field or the healthcare field in general.

Want to know about Amergis’ culture of celebrating diversity and inclusion?