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Behavioral Health Staffing: 3 Signs You Need a Staffing Agency for Your Facility

Author: Christina Lawless
Date: February 3, 2023
Tags: Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Professionals, Staffing

Behavioral health facilities across the country are currently in a crisis to fill necessary positions, which occurs at a time when demand for behavioral health services is at an all-time high. More Americans than ever are dealing with clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Unfortunately, when behavioral health facilities are understaffed, many administrative teams are overworked and unable to engage in an often lengthy hiring process. However, staffing agencies can help fill these crucial job openings.

But how do you know whether using a behavioral health staffing agency is right for your facility?

How to Determine if You Need Behavioral Health Staffing Help

1. You’re Dealing with Chronic Understaffing

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the high turnover rate for healthcare jobs, especially in behavioral health. This has left administrators grappling with how to fix staffing shortages in healthcare to ensure the achievement of their clinical goals.

“With a staffing agency, access to talent is a huge benefit,” says Marlon Leyva, a Director of Business Development at Amergis Staffing, a leading behavioral health staffing agency. “An agency can quickly expand a facility’s recruitment radius to attract more talent and applicants who fit the requirements of the positions. The level of applicants in our network is unmatched.”

Also, maternity leave, family medical leave (FMLA), and other short-term gaps in filling positions can be remedied with an agency. “We regularly help staff fill in gaps from employees going out on maternity leave or for other medical or family-related reasons,” says Leyva. “It’s important to get ahead of these gaps and prevent understaffing.”

2. Your Administration Is Overtaxed

Time spent finding and interviewing applicants is time that administrative staff can spend completing higher-priority tasks. This burden often creates a ripple effect, which usually trickles down to the medical staff. Added responsibilities, such as taking on or delegating additional work left over from unfulfilled positions, usually fall on already busy medical personnel.

Further, these added responsibilities often generate lower workplace satisfaction and higher employee turnover rates. Instead, mental health staffing agencies can accelerate the process of filling positions and prevent current employees from being overworked.

3. You Can’t Find Employees with the Expertise Required

Typically, finding applicants isn’t a problem; it’s finding candidates that have the right experience, expertise, and qualifications that are the issue. Working with an agency with behavioral health staffing recruiters can be instrumental in finding the right candidate because agencies often have dedicated hiring divisions for each type of facility, such as:

Leyva continues, “We have separate divisions within behavioral health that work specifically with different types of facilities, so there is expertise in hiring for a variety of different settings and roles. At [Amergis], we understand the nuances of each family setting and attract behavioral health professionals with prior experience in those settings. This way, we can best match applicants with specific job openings.”

Discover Qualified Behavioral Health Candidates with Amergis Staffing

Whether you work for a government, educational, or healthcare facility, our Amergis team understands your unique challenges and circumstances, and we can quickly meet your hiring needs. If your facility is understaffed, employees are overworked, or you can’t find behavioral health candidates with the proper credentials, we can help. Explore how Amergis can help your government facility with your behavioral health staffing, or contact our team today to learn about our other healthcare staffing solutions.

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