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Asian American and Pacific Islander: Spotlight

Sonali Sitaram
Author: Sonali Sitaram
Date: May 16, 2022
Tags: Diversity, Inclusion, Our Team, Spotlight

Since 1990, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month has been celebrated every May and highlights the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the United States. Amergis Healthcare Staffing is proud to celebrate Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, who have contributed to American culture for generations, as part of our commitment to recognize diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion form the foundation of our core values, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our team members feel valued and heard.

For more information about Amergis’s diversity and inclusion efforts, visit us online or fill out our convenient online form. We sat down with Matt Nguyen, a business development manager in Orange, California, for our team member spotlight for Asian Pacific American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Q & A with Matt

Will you talk about your career path with Amergis?

I have had many different roles in my career that involved employment services. However, I had never worked in a Recruiter role. This sounds like a cliché, but I have always wanted to become a Recruiter. I applied to many staffing agencies including [Amergis], and in October 2020, Casey Nath and the Orange office took a chance on me.

I loved working as a Recruiter and was fascinated by the idea of one day becoming a Business Development Manager to help develop the next set of leaders in our office. I then became a Business Development Manager in July 2021 for our core vertical overseeing the Riverside County region.

What advice can you give team members to be successful at Amergis?

I would recommend that they:

[Amergis] provides an incredible support system starting from the executive leadership all the way down to the Recruiter level. One of my strongest selling points to prospective Recruiter candidates is the fact that we have such a supportive culture starting on the first day for new Recruiters. This goes for newer business development managers as well. I wouldn’t have the success that I have had if it were not for the leaders before me who selflessly taught me how to be a leader both personally and professionally.

How do you work to create a diverse and inclusive culture in your local office?

One way that our office creates an inclusive culture is by having Recruiters involved in the screening process for our prospective Recruiter candidates. Our interview process begins with a Recruiter identifying a candidate and conducting the initial phone screening. The candidate is then passed on to an interview with two Business Development Managers and Account Managers if they meet the requirements. Our team very much values the opinion of our Recruiters on prospective candidates and feedback from the market. Our Orange office also has a Culture Committee that promotes a positive workplace by coordinating different activities and events that bring our office together.

May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. What can companies do to make the workplace more inclusive?

I think that a simple way that companies can be more inclusive to these communities is to create a wall or collage of iconic Asian individuals, such as Kamala Harris or I.M. Pei, that have had an impact on the growth and development of communities across the country. Companies can also include popular food items to introduce local offices to new types of cuisine.

Finally, how do you unwind after work?

I like to take my dog on long walks right when I get home from work. Additionally, I like to play basketball and cook to relax after a long day of work.

Learn More About How Amergis Healthcare Staffing Embraces Diversity

Our Amergis team has worked hard to create an environment where every voice can be heard. We strive to maintain a trusting and safe space where our team members feel empowered and uplifted. Find out more about Amergis’s core values and the important work we do by visiting us online.

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