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How to Simplify Nursing Recruitment for Your Healthcare Facility

Darian Khalilpour
Author: Darian Khalilpour
Date: May 14, 2024
Tags: Healthcare, Healthcare Staffing, Hospital Staffing, Nursing

Healthcare facilities everywhere are facing an unprecedented demand for qualified nursing professionals as shortages in the field continue to grow. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare, providing crucial support and spending more one-on-one time with patients than doctors or physicians. In this tight market, it is becoming increasingly important for healthcare facilities to think outside the box when it comes to recruiting these vital healthcare professionals. In this blog we are breaking down the benefits of outsourcing nurse recruitment to an agency like Amergis Healthcare Staffing, and how we can help you find the highly qualified nurses your patients deserve.

The Challenges of Nursing Recruitment

Healthcare facilities face numerous obstacles when it comes to nursing recruitment. Research shows that traditional recruitment methods just aren’t enough anymore, as generic job postings and impersonal outreach have started to blend into the background noise directed at nursing professionals. This means healthcare facilities will need to start thinking outside the box to find the nursing talent they require to provide exceptional patient care. This growing need for new recruitment methods is being fueled by a series of nurse staffing challenges, including:

  1. Intense Competition: With nursing shortages affecting healthcare facilities across the country, competition for the best nursing professionals is fierce. Attracting and retaining top talent requires a comprehensive understanding of the market, competitive compensation packages, and a strong employer brand.
  2. Time-consuming Hiring Processes: Thoroughly screening nursing candidates and ensuring they meet all necessary compliance requirements can be a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Healthcare facilities often lack the time to dedicate to this crucial step, leading to potential delays in filling vacant positions.
  3. Difficulty in Finding Qualified Candidates: Nursing roles require a specific set of skills, qualifications, and experience. Finding candidates who meet these requirements, while also aligning with your organization’s culture and values, can be challenging. This can be especially true when relying on traditional recruitment methods.
  4. Limited Resources: Effective nursing recruitment often requires targeted marketing campaigns to reach the right candidates. However, many healthcare facilities lack the expertise, time, or budget to develop and execute these strategies, limiting their ability to attract top nursing talent.
  5. High Turnover & Burnout Rates: The demanding nature of nursing roles, coupled with the ongoing shortages, can lead to high turnover rates and burnout among nursing staff. This creates a constant need for recruiting and onboarding new professionals, further straining the limited resources of healthcare facilities.

Need Nursing Recruitment Help? Partner with a Healthcare Staffing Expert

To help ease some of these challenges, one approach healthcare facilities can try is enlisting the help of a staffing agency, like Amergis. Agencies are experienced in staffing a wide range of healthcare facilities, from competitive markets to less-populated areas, meaning they have the know-how to fill your nurse openings regardless of the challenges you face. Additionally, staffing agencies save healthcare organizations time and money searching for candidates, as the process for recruiting nurses is streamlined.

Jessica Vetroczky, a Business Process Analyst with Amergis, shares that the company’s dedication to thoroughness and propriety recruitment style helps Amergis stand out among other staffing agencies. According to Vetroczky, this helps ensure “that healthcare providers get the same type of experience from us, whether they talk to an Amergis Recruiter in California or Maine.”

By pairing a uniform process with an understanding of each candidate’s unique skillset, healthcare staffing agencies quickly and efficiently bring unmatched talent to healthcare organizations in need. If you don’t have the time to develop a recruitment strategy or just want a no-hassle vacancy filling, a staffing agency might be right for you.

Recruit Top Nursing Talent with Amergis Healthcare Staffing

With nearly 40 years in the industry – we know what works. Our streamlined process bridges the gap between highly qualified nursing candidates and healthcare facilities with vacant positions to fill. The benefits of partnering with Amergis include:

Through our proven nursing recruitment solutions, we provide the people so healthcare organizations can provide the life-saving work that matters. Choose Amergis to be your trusted nursing recruitment partner. It’s time to stop the staffing shortage.

Find top nursing candidates for your facility by reaching out to Amergis Healthcare Staffing today.

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