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Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Spotlight

Christina Lawless
Author: Christina Lawless
Date: October 14, 2022
Tags: Diversity, Healthcare, Inclusion, Spotlight, Staffing

Amergis Healthcare Staffing is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, and this commitment is demonstrated every day by team members living up to our core values. In addition to promoting diversity and inclusion, our core values are:

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our Diversity and Inclusion team spoke with Tara Dusek, an Account Manager in Dallas, about how this disease has affected her and her family, as well as her experience at Amergis. If you’d like more information about our company culture, visit us online today.

Q & A with Tara

How did you come to join Amergis?

I always knew that I wanted to work in healthcare. However, I was fascinated with the business side of healthcare and wasn’t sure that I wanted to work directly in a hospital. I found this job because the recruitment position required all of the skills I learned from going to college at Texas Tech University. I felt as if I did have sales experience, healthcare experience, and human resources experience. But again, I didn’t want to work directly in a hospital. I found that working for [Amergis] Healthcare as a Recruiter would be the best path for me.

Can you talk about your career path with the company?

I joined [Amergis] Healthcare Staffing in Dallas in November 2020. When I joined the team, work was busy, to say the least. In the midst of COVID, we were staffing numerous hospitals and given hundreds of positions to fill. Once COVID sort of passed, I could focus on more of the business side of management and healthcare. I would always walk into my manager’s office and ask if I could help in any way. I would also ask if he could honestly give me more to do because I was interested in learning.

I was then recruiting and helping my manager oversee two different clients. I believe that I actually thrive in chaos. In September 2021, I accepted an Account Manager position. I feel proud of my work here at [Amergis] and I’m excited about my future.

What advice do you have for employees looking to take on a leadership position?

My advice is to want more. Taking on a leadership position is a lot of responsibility. There is a steep learning curve and you will need to problem-solve for yourself and others. Care for your people and make every moment worth it. If you’re not ready to take on new responsibilities in your role, you will not succeed.

How has diversity contributed to you reaching your career goals or achieving success in your current position?

Diversity is definitely something that has helped me in my journey to my current position and in what I do every day. Diversity creates creativity. Using ideas and strategies from others tends to help with decision-making and problem-solving, as well as process implementation. I would say that ninety percent of this Account Manager position involves these skills. You must do what it takes to be the best for your client and to do so, I use diversity internally with the resources and teams around me.

This October, we honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Can you share your background on why this month is so important?

October is a very special month for my sister and me because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2000, my sister and I lost our mother to breast cancer. She passed away at the age of 42, which is very uncommon due to her young age. My sister was six, and I was three. About two years ago, my sister and I were told to take a genetic test to see if we carried the BRCA gene. The BRCA2 gene is essentially the gene that increases the chances of developing breast cancer by 80% and ovarian cancer by 40%.

My sister has collaborated with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness and we appreciate that [Amergis] is spreading awareness of this disease, as well. It makes me feel safe in my place of work. Being a female Account Manager and being able to speak about something so special to me is an amazing feeling. Rise above and raise awareness of breast cancer.

How do you unwind after a long day at work?

Typically, I am pretty big on routine. I love working out and cooking. I grocery shop at the beginning of the week and meal prep my meals for the rest of the week. Exercising or doing something active is therapeutic to me, and then I enjoy coming home to cook my favorite meals, but I don’t like cleaning up.

Learn More About Amergis Healthcare Staffing’s Company Culture

At Amergis, we are dedicated to maintaining a supportive and encouraging environment for all of our team members. Our Diversity and Inclusion board reinforces Amergis’s core values so that everyone on our team feels heard and valued. Find out more about why Amergis is a leader in the healthcare staffing industry by visiting us online today.

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