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How to Find Government Nursing Jobs Using a Staffing Company

Darian Khalilpour
Author: Darian Khalilpour
Date: August 21, 2023
Tags: Correctional Facilities, Government Services, Healthcare, Healthcare Staffing, Nursing

Government jobs are a great option for nurses and provide the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. However, finding these jobs can sometimes be challenging because government agencies often have strict hiring requirements, and the application process can be lengthy and complex. That’s where a staffing agency, like Amergis Healthcare Staffing, can step in to help.

Types of Government Nursing Jobs

Before we explain the benefits of using a staffing company to help nurses find government opportunities, we should examine some of the common types of government contracting roles that nurses can work in.

These nurses can work in a variety of state, local, and federal government settings including hospitals, clinics, correctional facilities, military departments, schools, and government agencies.

How Staffing Agencies Can Help Nurses Find Government Jobs

Staffing companies can be a great resource for nurses who are looking for government opportunities. Here are some of the benefits of working with a staffing agency to help find roles in the government setting.

Why Choose Amergis Healthcare Staffing

Amergis Staffing understands the needs of nursing professionals looking to work in the government setting. With decades of government staffing experience, our dedicated team of over 1,500 recruiters have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you find a job that you will love no matter what type of government setting you are hoping to work in.

If you are a nurse looking for a government job, let Amergis Staffing find you the perfect fit!

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