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Hispanic Heritage Month: Spotlight

Kayla Baines
Author: Kayla Baines
Date: September 27, 2022
Tags: D&i, Diversity, Healthcare, Healthcare Staffing, Inclusion, Our Team, Spotlight

Since 1968, Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated from September 15 to October 15, by appreciating and paying tribute to the many Hispanic Americans who have and continue to make a positive impact on our country and contribute to our culture.

Amergis Healthcare Staffing is proud to celebrate Hispanic Americans as part of our commitment to recognize diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion form the foundation of our core values, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our team members feel valued and heard. We sat down with Cristian Hernandez, a Director of Business Operations in San Diego, California, for the Amergis Healthcare Staffing team member spotlight for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Q & A with Cristian

How did you come to join Amergis?  Can you talk about your career path with the company?

I was introduced to [Amergis] through one of my best friends who worked as a Recruiter with the San Diego team. The more I learned about [Amergis], its opportunities, and the team I would work alongside, the more excited I became to take on this new chapter in life. The opportunity to have a widespread reach and positively affect the community through our services perfectly aligned with my initial goal to become a direct care provider.

From the first day in the Recruiter role, I quickly developed an appreciation for the human element of the work we do with our partners, caregivers, and patients. Along the way, I was incredibly fortunate to connect with one of [Amergis’s] best, Allison Hurtado, who was the rock to our ability to navigate the educational business and mentor my development. A simultaneously fast yet long 11 months later, I transitioned into the Business Development Manager role for our schools’ business. I served in that role for three and a half years before transitioning into the Director of Business Operations role for our market in July of this year.

What advice do you have for employees looking to get more involved at Amergis?

Own your goals and reach out to those currently in the initiatives and programs you are interested in joining. We have a wonderfully dynamic group of leaders on all fronts that are ready to serve and help move the needle forward on the things that matter to our team members the most. One of the most important things I try to instill in our team is to consistently develop yourself and identify what direction you want to take in your career. Aligning your work with your “why” results in fulfillment and an unwavering commitment to the goals at hand. Engaging with the resources we have through [Amergis’s] D&I team, the Centers of Excellence or your respective leadership is something I encourage everyone to do.

Based on your definition of diversity, how has it contributed to you achieving success in your current position?

I believe diversity has helped me in achieving my career goals because of the situations and environments I have lived through with others. I found there is a shared human experience that is still unique to the individual. With that being so, witnessing others achieve success has always brought this question to my mind, “Why not me?” It is empowering to see people from all walks of life, especially those that are similar to mine, in various leadership roles and it serves as a reminder that pushing forward and fighting for what we want to accomplish, can inspire others to do the same.

This September, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Can you share your background with us? Can you talk about how you feel that it correlates to the workplace?

I grew up in a Mexican household and owe everything I had growing up, and have come to achieve, to both of my parents. Like many families that migrated to the states, my parents came with very little and had to work incredibly hard to provide for both my little sister and me.

My dad would often work six or seven days a week from sunrise to sunset and have me tag along when I was not busy with school to hand him tools for his various fencing or construction projects. My mom would clean offices and take care of everything needed at home. Now, my parents are homeowners, have put both of their children through college, and truly created the foundation for there to be a generational shift in the quality of life for our future families.

I share that because it instilled in me the values of hard work, family, and commitment to achieving a goal more significant than yourself, which translates into every aspect of life, including the workplace. As a kid, I did not embrace my Mexican culture and I tried to blend in as much as possible. However, now I am proud of my roots. For those who have similar stories to my own, I encourage you to own your background fully and acknowledge that culture is an integral part of shaping individuals. Believe that you can achieve what you set out for and continue to move forward, as you will pave the way for countless others that are looking to do the same.

How do you unwind after a long day at work?

I got back into the morning routine of working out at the gym, which has been one of the best habits I could have picked up again, as it gets me ready for the day. However, after a long day of work, I love to try to get out to the beach to go surfing or simply hang out at home with my girlfriend and our 2-year-old Maltipoo, Coco.

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