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Staffing Healthcare Risk Manager Featured on Podcast

Christina Lawless
Author: Christina Lawless
Date: June 22, 2022
Tags: Our Team, Podcast, Risk Management

The American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM) hosts a regular podcast that takes an inside look at the obstacles faced by healthcare risk management professionals. The podcast also explores the solutions they implement to promote safe and trusted care in hospitals, practices, and health centers.

Recently, ASHRM spoke with Risk Manager Bentley Skinner from Amergis Healthcare Staffing, a leading provider of qualified candidates for healthcare positions. Skinner discussed travel nursing and some of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Amergis’s team members. He also went into detail about his role and how he supports the safety and success of our travel nurses working nationwide. For more information about how Amergis helps healthcare facilities and staff across the country, visit our careers page or join our talent community.

Partnering with Healthcare Clients for Risk Management

Skinner works collaboratively with risk managers employed by Amergis and coordinates with them on policies, education, and even developing orientation programs for travel nurses coming into a new facility. “My role is fairly unique in the fact that most risk managers work for a specific hospital, facility, or chain of facilities,” Skinner explained. “I actually work from the staffing side. So, when we have travelers or employees who work in a multitude of different facilities, I try to mitigate the risks of the staff working in all facets of healthcare fields.”

When Amergis onboards a travel nurse, they use a set of competency tests that help us determine their level of proficiency and expertise, which then helps them place the nurse in the best facility for their skills. Amergis’s travel nurses can work anywhere in the country and are highly adaptable to the various needs and practices of our clients.

Keeping Travel Nurses Safe

“The flexibility of being a travel nurse is great,” said Skinner. “They’re kind of like a Swiss army knife, as they can do a little bit of everything. But, at the same time, sometimes they’re not familiar with every scenario that could occur.” When these unfamiliar situations happen, Skinner works directly with the risk managers at the respective facilities to:

The overall cooperative aspect of his role is what Skinner enjoys the most. “We’re just really excited to get to establish great relationships with our healthcare partners who have had amazing risk management programs for a long time. And, just to work in collaborations to ensure all healthcare fields are safer and more efficient so that the travel nurses can be at the highest level possible.”

Working with Amergis’s Team

At Amergis, we take pride in how we treat our healthcare professional partners, including making a range of benefits available to them.

Some of the benefits for our healthcare professionals include:

Also, our Amergis recruiters are dedicated to supporting our healthcare professionals every step of the journey, from the initial interviews to the first day on the job.

Additionally, our recruiters ensure that you:

Explore Risk Management and Travel Nursing with Amergis Healthcare Staffing

If you’re interested in learning more about Amergis, risk management, or travel nursing, listen to Skinner’s 12-minute-long podcast titled, “Unique Challenges and Diverse Associated Risks of Risk Management in a Healthcare Staffing Company.” You can also contact Amergis online or join our talent community.

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