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Application Tips for Healthcare Government Jobs: Make Yourself Stand Out

Christina Lawless
Author: Christina Lawless
Date: February 9, 2023
Tags: Government Services, Healthcare Staffing, Tips and Tricks

The US Bureau of Labor predicts that there will be a 13% increase in job growth for healthcare occupations from 2021 to 2031. This projected growth is expected to result in around two million new jobs during that time, including government jobs for healthcare professionals. Healthcare government jobs provide opportunities for professionals to have reliable and rewarding employment, which is why many people are applying to fill these positions. Before beginning a search through available government job openings, learning a few tips is a good idea to stand out in the application process.

Application Tips for Healthcare Government Jobs

Before applying, it is worth considering what type of government jobs you’d like. Think about your previous work experience, personal goals, and skills before completing an application for government jobs in healthcare.

Additional tips when you apply include:

If applicants choose not to partner with a staffing agency, the timeline for securing a new job is longer because there is only one website,, where candidates can apply for federal healthcare jobs.

The site recommends you start the application process by creating a USAJOBS profile, where you can upload your resume and documents. Once you’ve made a profile, you can search for federal jobs, review job announcements, prepare your application, and submit the application to the agency with the vacant position. Additionally, the federal government offers hiring paths for people from diverse backgrounds, such as military veterans, people with disabilities, and Native Americans, to encourage underrepresented groups to apply for open jobs. The application process for the state and local levels varies by location, so it is best to explore your options online before applying.

Work with an Amergis Recruiter to Find Healthcare Government Jobs

Amergis Healthcare Staffing’s mission is connecting healthcare professionals with the work that matters, and we’ve been dedicated to this purpose for over thirty years. Our team has the experience and expertise to help people find the work they were meant to do. With the number of government jobs in healthcare currently available, Amergis is the perfect partner to help professionals begin the next chapter in their career journeys.

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